Tyler Brown About Baby Brother Trenton

My mom (Janet Brown) let me know about the writings for the Alexandra's House newsletter.  Hopefully this doesn't sound like an overt advertisement for Alexandra's House rather than a story, but Alexandra's House was a crucial part of my family's story.  So, telling it without Alexandra's House would make it incomplete.  Regardless, here's my own story:



Although Trenton died around ten years ago, I still remember the effect Alexandra's House had on my mom.  Essentially, when Mom found out that Trenton had Trisomy 18, she was heart-broken.  We all were, but it affected my Mom the most.  Frankly, none of us really knew how to fully support Mom.  We couldn't put ourselves in her shoes as an expectant mother.


I remember how inadequate I felt to comfort Mom.  I don't remember talking about Mom with my dad or my sister, but I'm pretty sure they felt it too. That's where Alexandra's House came in.  Somehow, Mom got connected with them, and suddenly she was understood.  She got to meet other women who had been through or were going through the same thing.  This brought an incredible level of relief to Mom and therefore to the rest of our family.


Although the pain from Trenton's death has never fully healed for our family, Alexandra's house definitely helped alleviate a lot of it.  We still commemorate Trenton's passing by going to the cemetery on his birthday in order to give him a new teddy bear and some balloons, just to let him know that he's loved.


I don't know exactly if the scars from Trenton's tragic death will ever fully heal for our family.  And frankly, I don't know if they're supposed to.  I don't think it's right to try to forget and to try to run away from his impact on our lives.  However, I do know that Alexandra's House was there for my family and my mom especially when she needed them the most.  For that, Alexandra's House will always hold a special place in our hearts." 



Thanks again for helping my mom when she had her deepest need,

Tyler Brown