Anencephaly / Disorders of the Brain and Skull

Haley Faith Willis

Story and Testimony of Jeff and Lynel Willis
In the birth of Haley Faith Willis

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by Liz Craft

I have had five kids. My third child, William, was diagnosed w/ a fatal birth defect at 15 weeks gestation. I carried him to term against many peoples objections. He lived three hours and seven minutes. He changed my life and others in his short time on Earth! People still feel moved to improve something in their lives after seeing his memorial site. His name is actually William Jasper (we changed it after I created the page).

Gracie Jo Reynolds

We would like to share our story about our daughter, Gracie Reynolds.

The loss of a child: Baby Weston’s Story

By Sarah S.H. Postpichal
March 2, 2002

Dedicated to my son Weston Garret Postpichal. I will never forget the time we
shared together. I will love you until the sun turns cold and all the stars fall from
the heavens.

During the sonogram the nurse told my mother and I that so far everything she had seen was perfect. I watched Weston move around the screen so fast, I remember saying he had reminded me of a kick boxer. We all laughed.