Skeletal, Bone, Growth Disorders

Daniel’s Story

I struggled for several years, in and out of college over a seven year span, to uncover the meaning and purpose of my life and what I was suppose to do with it. The only problem was that I was trying to do this in my own strength aside from God. At the peak of what I considered to be a successful time in my life, God’s plan began to reveal itself.

Mallory Grace Fordham

If you had asked me to write this last year, I am quite sure it would have been quite different.

After 1 daughter and years of fertility and health problems, My husband Byron and I were so happy to finally be pregnant in May of 2007. Everything was going fine, until the 20 week ultrasound in September. It is never a good sign when the tech is quiet and wont answer your questions. The doctor came in and said, “It doenst look right. I want you to see a specialist right away.”