Ten fingers and ten toes - that's the first thing every parent checks on their newborn.  For the parents of Alexandra's House those simple things are not taken for granted.  I am Jeanette Burlbaw, a sonographer with 35 years of experience.  Twenty of those have been in the perinatal departments here in Kansas City.  I have been the sonographer who evaluated your baby prenatally and have been with you when you found out there was a complication with your pregnancy.  Currently I have a private office, Prenatal Imaging Centers, LLC, in south Kansas City.  I created my office in 2002 as I realized we are a visual culture.  I realized I could offer parents the opportunity to look at their babies as well as quality affordable diagnostic Sonography for the uninsured.  I also realized parents of babies with malformations have questions that in a busy clinical setting just don’t get answered during sonograms. 

 Patti came into my life when she felt a mother needed a clearer look at her babies.  She called to see if I would image conjoined twins.  She realized that parents of children with malformations often need the reassurance of sonography on their terms.  They want to see what the perinatologist looks at during each office visit without the need for the explanation of the images in 2D sonography.  The 3D sonography presents the baby in a manner that is more easily understood.  You are often allowed to see their expressions, simple little gestures and eyebrow movement that replace a multitude of words.  Fluid around your baby is very important to acquire the best images.  Some complications that limit fluid make creating those images difficult.

 I now own remarkable new equipment, the GE E8 BT12 with HDlive.   HDlive is the second generation of 3D imaging.  It provides extraordinary image clarity and exceptional anatomical realism.   You can find my new pictures on my facebook page, Prenatal Imaging.  I also have a web site,  My web site is currently being redesigned to remove my old images and incorporate my new images.

 I have been allowed to serve the families of Alexandra's House ever since Patti called me and I look forward to serving you for many years to come.

(She is too kind to include this but Jeanette offers all her services to the families of Alexandra’s House as a gift. Thank you, dear Jeanette/ AH)