Patrick and Debra McShane Family - About baby Mary Catherine

We talked to our kids this weekend, and they were so individual, heartbroken and sweet. Our daughter, Annie, said she thought God must have put four seeds inside of me when I was created and one was an angel seed. So I had three babies and now I would have the angel baby. That's the story I am going with from now on because it sounds just perfect to me. Our oldest, Leo, was the most emotional. He quickly went to work drawing pictures and making a paper doll for Mary. He asked me to get a picture of her with the doll. He also thought we should make a special keepsake box to put things for Mary. He made us each a card with Mary's name (spelled "Merry") on it and told us to keep it in our wallets. Then one night I was lying in my bed with Jack watching TV. He took his favorite dog (named "Dog Dog Dog") and laid it on my stomach. He said he was letting Mary Catherine snuggle with it. He's so young, but he has come through this a very thoughtful little person. These kids are amazing.


I also called to schedule the 3-D sonogram for late April. I told the kids that we would get to see some really special pictures of Mary while she's still in my tummy. They are very concerned that they may not get a chance to meet her so hopefully this will help a little.


Ultimately the kids didn’t get to meet Mary face to face as things moved so quickly with her birth. I took great joy in telling the kids how much she looked like them. It was amazing...such tiny little features, but so distinctly familiar to us.


The kids still participated actively in Mary Catherine’s life and even in planning her funeral service and they continue to talk about her.