Joy and Joya’s Family

Joy and Joya were twins, very special twins. They were joined at the chest and shared one heart. After complex testing prenatally, it was determined that Joy and Joya could not be separated surgically. Neither would survive the surgery.


The twins’, their Mother Jackie, and their older sister Jaterra were deeply embraced by Alexandra’s House and its community. During phases of the pregnancy the little family lived here as our guests. Jackie reported that one night while getting ready for bed here that she and Jaterra, who was seven at the time, were chatting. Jaterra quietly asked Jackie if Alexandra’s House was Heaven.


Joy and Joya were born alive and survived seven incredible days. Literally everyone who met them fell in love with them. Even in their short lives, though quiet, they were very interactive with each other. Joya often nuzzled Joy’s face and Joy would use a hand to push her away. Soon all noted their very distinct mannerisms and saw subtle yet special differences. They were both seen as completely unique individuals. Jaterra spoke that her favorite memory was brushing their hair. That was her special job.


On the seventh day they rested. We miss them so but Alexandra’s House will always bear the fragrance of their sanctity and treasure their memory.


A few years after Joy and Joya’s deaths, Jaterra and her family were back here visiting. Jaterra lay on the floor while we al visited with Jackie. This is what she drew for us.