Family Stories

Gabriella Duffett

When we found out that Gabriella had Trisomy 18 we had a choice to make. We were told we could terminate the pregnancy. We both looked at each other and the same thought entered our mind. That is not our choice to make. We will continue and leave it in God’s hands. The first thing we did was gather as much information as we could about Trisomy 18. We, as well as many of you, had no clue what Trisomy 18 was.

Andrew Michael Hart

On May 30th, 2007, we were asked to share in the passion of Christ.

Mallory Grace Fordham

If you had asked me to write this last year, I am quite sure it would have been quite different.

After 1 daughter and years of fertility and health problems, My husband Byron and I were so happy to finally be pregnant in May of 2007. Everything was going fine, until the 20 week ultrasound in September. It is never a good sign when the tech is quiet and wont answer your questions. The doctor came in and said, “It doenst look right. I want you to see a specialist right away.”

Gracie Anne Eudaly

Our little girl Gracie Anne was diagnosed with cystic hygroma and fetal hydrops at 22 weeks (of pregnancy).At 24 weeks, on April 19, 2008, she was delivered stillborn. We later got conformation that she had Turner’s syndrome.

Gracie Jo Reynolds

We would like to share our story about our daughter, Gracie Reynolds.