Family Stories

Dear Erin

It stayed with me when someone recently told your mom and I since all of this started that God doesn’t operate by the same clock we do. He doesn’t measure in seconds, minutes, hours, or days. We can be hurt by our measurement of time. Let me explain.

Michelle Rose Ekis

April 1, 2003 – October 26, 2003

Chase Hutton Ware

My husband David and I are profoundly sorry that you have come in search of information here, because that means you are facing a difficult road. Just know that you are not alone…and that you’ve come to the right place. Alexandra’s House is a wonderful haven for families and babies facing difficult challenges.

Everyone’s story is unique, as each precious life is. David and I just want to provide you with some information and knowledge that was helpful to us.

A Saint In Our Midst

By John C. Schmidt

My wife Jennifer and I have two healthy, active boys: Jacob, 6, and John Paul, 3.

In July 2006, when we learned that we had another child, we were excited and thought we knew exactly what to expect. However, at 13 weeks our obstetrician had difficulty detecting the baby’s heartbeat, so we had a sonogram. When Jennifer saw our gorgeous, tiny baby kicking away, all seemed fine.

Daniel’s Story

I struggled for several years, in and out of college over a seven year span, to uncover the meaning and purpose of my life and what I was suppose to do with it. The only problem was that I was trying to do this in my own strength aside from God. At the peak of what I considered to be a successful time in my life, God’s plan began to reveal itself.