Family Stories

John and Kim Lozano Family

(Editor’s note:  Kim and John’s first born is the delightful Gabriel. We met them when their second son was diagnosed prenatally with a fatal birth defect. Zachary did not survive. Several years later they conceived a beautiful baby girl and the pregnancy was advancing normally. Unexpectedly their perfectly formed Isabella was stillborn. Recently Kim and John received a new baby into their family through adoption.

Kinley Lundquist

We were introduced to Alexandra's House when we lost our daughter, Kinley, unexpectedly in March 2010. My pregnancy was going well and I had reached 27 weeks. I woke up on a Monday morning and realized she had not woke me in the night by kicking me. She was very active, especially at night. I went to work and noticed little to no movement, so I called my doctor and they asked me to go to the hospital for monitoring.

Mathilda Hope Walker “Our Angel”

Story of a baby girl with Turner’s Syndrome.


How Nigel Changed My Life

I found out I was pregnant on Mothers Day, Sunday, May 10th, 2009. My husband and I were very happy and surprised that it happened so easily. A week later I went in to see the midwife – at that time I was only 5 or 6 weeks pregnant. Everything was fine.

I made a follow up appointment for a month later.