Family Stories

My Little Angel

She never opened her eyes but I already knew her eyes sparkled like the night sky.  Sophia, born an angel, that God already needed.  Her life lasted only a few hours but changed by life forever.  Only the best die young. Sophia deserved the life that she will never be able to experience but we will life through her.  She made the biggest impact on my life even though she'll never know it.

Patrick and Debra McShane Family - About baby Mary Catherine

We talked to our kids this weekend, and they were so individual, heartbroken and sweet. Our daughter, Annie, said she thought God must have put four seeds inside of me when I was created and one was an angel seed. So I had three babies and now I would have the angel baby. That's the story I am going with from now on because it sounds just perfect to me. Our oldest, Leo, was the most emotional.

Joy and Joya’s Family

Joy and Joya were twins, very special twins. They were joined at the chest and shared one heart. After complex testing prenatally, it was determined that Joy and Joya could not be separated surgically. Neither would survive the surgery.



Ten fingers and ten toes - that's the first thing every parent checks on their newborn.  For the parents of Alexandra's House those simple things are not taken for granted.  I am Jeanette Burlbaw, a sonographer with 35 years of experience.  Twenty of those have been in the perinatal departments here in Kansas City.  I have been the sonographer who evaluated your baby prenatally and have been with you when you found out there was a compl

Ben and Christy Shively Family

 (These are thoughts the children wrote before Baby Ian was born)


Dear Ian,