Drew Morris

Dawson Morris age 9

Brother of Drew Morris


Since my brother, Drew, has been in Heaven, I have been very sad and happy, too. I think of him a lot. At Christmas, we read him a story and hung up a stocking for him. Also, we hung a wreath at the cemetery for him. I did a power point at school and I mentioned him as my brother. His birthday is April 1st and we are going to get the basement done at our house by then. For his birthday, I want to do something fun. Mom says we may release balloons.


Dylan Morris age 12

Brother of Drew Morris


Since Drew was born and passed away, we have done many things to honor him, including talking at Bowties for Babies and visiting Alexandra’s House several times. On Christmas Eve of last year, my brother, Dawson, and I read to him. We also each bought him a little gift for the only Christmas we got to spend with him. This year we visited his stone and hung a wreath right by it, so he could look down on us and see it.  Our little cousin, Gavon, even brought him a couple of books for Christmas gifts. It was hard having a Christmas without him and it seems funny because we have not even known Drew for two years, but I can’t remember life without him. Now it is nearing this little miracle’s first birthday. Last year on his day of birth, it was a beautiful 80-degree day, and he passed away after two hours and twenty-two minutes of life. It was the happiest and saddest day of my life but I definitely don’t regret it.


Note: Dylan and Dawson wanted to do something’ fun’ in honor of Drew’s first anniversary. One of our other families Bob and Staci Courter recently started a new program in honor of their two baby girls who died of an inherited disease.  Mallory Hope and Julia Faith Courter inspired their program called Project Fun with Hope and Faith. Knowing how much time families spend planning for and collecting memories of their babies’ births and deaths, they want to help the family create new and happy memories, yet always in honor of the siblings who have died. Dylan and Dawson were the first recipients of this gift from Bob and Staci’s family.