Disorders of Brain, Spine

Laila-Grayce LeClaire

On September 14th 2007, my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first baby. We were both incredibly happy as was our family.

My first trimester went like any other. I felt sick, moody but still remained happy through it all. My husband and I wanted a baby for years but decided to wait until I graduated from nursing school.

The loss of a child: Baby Weston’s Story

By Sarah S.H. Postpichal
March 2, 2002

Dedicated to my son Weston Garret Postpichal. I will never forget the time we
shared together. I will love you until the sun turns cold and all the stars fall from
the heavens.

During the sonogram the nurse told my mother and I that so far everything she had seen was perfect. I watched Weston move around the screen so fast, I remember saying he had reminded me of a kick boxer. We all laughed.