Dear Andrew and Amber

I will lend you for a little moment a child of mine
For you to love while she lives a little time.
She will be with you a few months you shall see
But please take care of her until I take her back with me
She will bring her charms to gladden you, and her stay will be brief
You will have her lovely memories as comfort for your grief.
I cannot promise how long she will stay, since all from earth have to return
But there are lessons she will bring for you all to learn
I have looked the world over in my search for a special set of parents to be true
And from all the parents that I could trust I have selected you
Now will you give her all the love you can and leave nothing in vain?
And please forgive me when I come back to take her back with me again?.
She will bring love, delight and a new set of friends in your life.
When she comes back to Heaven all the others will help you with your strife.
Shelter her with tenderness, love her in body while you may
And for the happiness you have known, forever grateful you will stay
Should the Angels call her home sooner then you have planned
Please be brave the bitter grief that comes and try to understand
For all the joy thy child shall bring, the risk of grief you will run
She will come back to Heaven and Thy will be done

You are in my loving arms,

Written by Cathy (Amber’s Mom) and inspired by God on the day (8-11-07) that Payton would have celebrated her first birthday. Amber and Drew are parents to Payton Samantha Titus who lived 8 months and 2 days and died spring of 2007 from the chromosomal anomaly of Trisomy 18.