Brandon and Lindsey Carlson Family

We wanted to send these thoughts on our precious Caden from big brother Connor and big sister Kylee:


"When I held him in my arms, he felt light, but I knew his Spirit was in heaven with God."

"I remember Caden with my bear, Carl."

"I felt sad knowing that Caden wouldn't be here with us, but am happy knowing that Caden is living a happy life in heaven." -Connor Carlson, Age 9


"When I held him in my arms, I knew that he had light in heaven."

"I remember Caden with my bear Sparkles and with the (memory) garden outside."

"Caden's body was sick, but his heart was so strong."-Kylee Carlson, Age 7


As you know, the kids' experience with creating bears in memory of Caden sparked the creation of Caden's Cubs ( We have attached a picture of Connor and Kylee with their bears along with a photo of our newest blessing, Hadley.  We have also attached a picture of artwork that Kylee created at school when she was asked to draw a picture of her favorite tree.  She drew the tree we have planted out in Caden's garden with the quote "This is my favorite tree stands for my baby brother.  And it is old.".


Thank you for this opportunity!


With Love,

The Carlsons