Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis

Caden’s Story

We learned we were expecting our third child in early December of 2007. We were excited and filled with anticipation. On March 30, 2008, at our 20-week routine sonogram, we were told that our baby didn’t have any fluid around him. This meant that when he was born, he would likely only live for a few minutes to a few hours, if he lived at all, because his lungs would be unable to form due to the lack of fluid in the womb.

Miriam: A Short Encounter with God’s Miracle

On July 26 of 2000, we took our first look at Miriam Ann as we had a routine ultrasound. She was sixteen weeks.

Laila-Grayce LeClaire

On September 14th 2007, my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first baby. We were both incredibly happy as was our family.

My first trimester went like any other. I felt sick, moody but still remained happy through it all. My husband and I wanted a baby for years but decided to wait until I graduated from nursing school.

The loss of a child: Baby Weston’s Story

By Sarah S.H. Postpichal
March 2, 2002

Dedicated to my son Weston Garret Postpichal. I will never forget the time we
shared together. I will love you until the sun turns cold and all the stars fall from
the heavens.

During the sonogram the nurse told my mother and I that so far everything she had seen was perfect. I watched Weston move around the screen so fast, I remember saying he had reminded me of a kick boxer. We all laughed.