Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis

Mathilda Hope Walker “Our Angel”

Story of a baby girl with Turner’s Syndrome.


What did carrying Riley to term give me?

After speaking to Patti on the phone I started thinking about what carrying Riley to term gave to us.

Three years latter it is easier to see that the time with Riley was a blessing beyond compare. I wanted to share my thoughts with you to use as the Lord leads you.

Dear Andrew and Amber

I will lend you for a little moment a child of mine
For you to love while she lives a little time.
She will be with you a few months you shall see
But please take care of her until I take her back with me
She will bring her charms to gladden you, and her stay will be brief
You will have her lovely memories as comfort for your grief.
I cannot promise how long she will stay, since all from earth have to return
But there are lessons she will bring for you all to learn

Gracie Anne Gravitt

Gracie Anne Gravitt by her Family