Private 1:1 meeting (best option at least once before attending a group meeting) 


Mentor Match


Group Support Meetings:


Two locations:

Kansas City, MO 
Alexandra’s House
2nd Saturday every month except October and December *
From 2:30 – 4:30 pm
For questions or to RSVP for a meeting contact


St. Joseph, MO
Brookdale Church, Student Ministry Building
203 South 31st Street
2nd Tuesday of every month
From 7 - 8:30 pm
For questions or to RSVP for a meeting contact Tonette @



Spiritual Mentoring (Specific criteria) – contact


+Special Events

+Every October AH mothers host a public celebration of Life in honor of Infant Loss Awareness Month


+Second Saturday of every December we hold  an annual AH Family Reunion

(Details for these two events are provided in the weeks leading up to each event for each year)


SIDS Support Group – Planning stage currently


Alexandra’s House offers several other unique, hand- picked programs based upon individual needs to help you on your path through your grief and toward healing. It will come one day but this is a journey, and a mystery to unfold. It is our honor to join you, where and as you are, if you choose.