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Megan Fordham's Story

My name is Megan Fordham. I am 11 years old, and I am the oldest in my family. My youngest sister is named Noelle. She is 3 ½ years old. My middle sister’s name is Mallory. She was stillborn when she was 32 weeks old. She had a form of dwarfism, and doctors told my parents that she would not be able to live after she was born.

Brooklyn Musyoki

In November of 2009, my husband Eric and I found out that we were expecting another bundle of joy. We have a son, Brennen, who at the time was approaching his 1st birthday. We were so excited about our new edition. I spent a lot of time in the doctor's office because I was constantly bleeding and no one could really tell me why. At 17 weeks I went in for a normal check up and my doctor decided to do a sonogram.

My Journey

We lost our son Jayden on March13, 2009, he was stillborn. He died from a cord accident. I can’t even explain, the sorrow that we felt.

            We faced the grief and then journeyed through it. God gave us the strength to persevere even the days that I could not get out of bed or did not think that I could make it thru it another day.

Joy and Joya - Two Girls: One Heart

Joy and Joya lived seven miraculous days and died lovingly surrounded by their family, their doctor, hospice nurses, and the servant community at Alexandra's House.

(Source – KMBC News Kansas City, MO, September 2007)


Kinley Lundquist

We were introduced to Alexandra's House when we lost our daughter, Kinley, unexpectedly in March 2010. My pregnancy was going well and I had reached 27 weeks. I woke up on a Monday morning and realized she had not woke me in the night by kicking me. She was very active, especially at night. I went to work and noticed little to no movement, so I called my doctor and they asked me to go to the hospital for monitoring.