About Us

Alexandra’s House is a community based, peer support perinatal hospice program that provides active management and hope for families pregnant with or who have a baby with lethal anomalies and who is expected to die near or shortly after birth. Part of our services include helping to bring meaning to the families’ suffering, birth planning, attending doctors visits, testing, photography sessions, hospital-based labor and delivery, coordination of memorial services and long-term bereavement care.

It is our distinct privilege to be any part of this special journey with you.

Alexandra’s House Logo and website artwork – Baby Alexandra was born with 12 fingers, six on each hand, which are characteristics common with her disorder. Her actual handprint serves as our logo. We felt that the spiritual story of our work could be told in five images. From left to right they are the sacrificial lamb, Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac, the birth of Christ, his death, and the resurrection.